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Scotland is renowned internationally for its excellent sporting history and facilities. Many people move here to take advantage of this legacy, including for the tennis, golf, bowling and more.

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Part of our belief and purpose and what we are aiming to achieve is to make it easier for tenants to find flats to let in Edinburgh. We have on this site a number of features that will assist you in finding your dream flat to let in Edinburgh! With different help and guide sections your find to the find the answer to any question you may have! If by small chance it's not there, then jump into our forum! A member of staff from our business or a member of the forum will answer your queries quickly for you.

One of the unique ways we help you to do find properties in Edinburgh easily is by enabling social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg and the like, to be integrated with each of our property pages. Making it easy for you to share a flat you've found to rent that you like the look of with friends or family. You can sign up to various forms of updates from our site too, such as RSS feeds, blog posts and tweets. Also, be sure to become a fan of our Facebook page or join us on Twitter to receive these short tweet updates. This site is also fully navigational with mobile phones that have access to the internet, such as the Iphone! So you can search for properties while on the move!!

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Scottish Bowling - More info

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