The 5 Most Strange Hotels Ever

Jules Underwater Lodge
Based in Key Largo, South Florida Jules’ Underwater Lodge will be most definitely a fishy place to stay. It's not only a hotel, however, if you’ve got an eager curiosity in diving then this is obviously an experience well worth paying for! You can stay overnight in the hotel and they give you the option of ordering in a pizza. Yes you may get pizza sent to your underwater lodge, unfortunately not like here in the UK, voucher codes don’t apply to underwater delivery! Anyway it undoubtedly beats getting it delivered to your own Travelodge room!

Garimasu Cave Hotel
The Garimasu Cave Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey is unquestionably a location which grabs your interest. Situated in a 1,000 year old Byzantine monastic retreat, until very recently certain parts of the cave were used by Christian monks. If you’re visiting this picturesque place you may book yourself into 1 of the monks’ cells or maybe you actually fancy splashing the cash you could treat yourself to 1 of the deluxe rooms. It’s safe to say, though that staying in a cave hotel is an experience within itself together with flights to Turkey coming from Thomson and other travel companies such as Thomas Cook at reasonable prices why don't you book today?

Dog Bark Park Inn
Operating from Cottonwood, Idaho, the Dog Bark Park Inn is unquestionably one for dog lovers. If you’re a person who quite likes the sound of staying in a 12-foot tall Beagle then you certainly should book yourself a First Choice flight to the States as well as book yourself a room. Evidently the hotel delivers individuals an insight into the “early days of automobile vacation travel when travellers would often buy gas, eat meals or stay overnight in a building that looked like something else”. Therefore, if you’re barking mad and you fancy staying in a 12-foot Beagle, here is the best spot for you!

City Lodge, Propeller Island
Seems like an average hotel right? Wrong. This specific hotel is among the minimum normal hotel’s you’ll actually see. Low Cost Holidays are readily available from several locations, but even this sort of hotel you wouldn’t expect to be in, in spite of the price paid. From upside down beds and mirrored rooms, this hotel might not go down too well with a lot of guests however it’s one of the most extremely bizarre, odd hotels to choose from. It’s certainly a hotel you won’t find on Alpharooms or even LateRooms, either!

Costa Verde - Boeing 727 Fuselage Hotel
You might think that it’s somewhat of a mouthful for the title of a hotel, nevertheless this is just the name of one of the rooms you may stay in, and the hotel is the Costa Verde Hotel. They have turned a classic Boeing 727 fuselage in to a luxurious, tree-top room. With some breathtaking sights, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a very bizarre destination in such a charming setting. Thus in the event you do fancy staying here why not explore EasyJet Holidays and see if you can get a good deal on flights out here, and not simply are you inside a airplane for the trip but also the duration of your stay.

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